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LOCAL TIPS: GDANSK, POLAND | Things to do Gdańsk City | Poland Travel Vlog 2018

Recommendations from a local is the best way to find the top things to do and must see spots, in Gdansk Poland our travel... ⬇ Click 'Show More' ⬇ Finding the top things to do in a city can be a challenge, in large cities across Poland like Gdansk it can be difficult to filter out all of the must see suggestions you read online or pamphlets. With our trop to Gdańsk City we decided to ask you guys for some things to do! Poland itself has been amazing, but we wanted to travel a bit further and visit some spots we might not otherwise see in a typical city guide or on YouTube already. Fortunately for us, Polska was playing in the football world cup so we ended up going super local and creating an afternoon of our own favourite things to do!... or drink, in Poland. ----- TRAVEL FULL-TIME: Don't believe the misconceptions, you can travel full-time as well and our book will teach you everything you need to know, guide you through the steps and share all the secrets. "How To Travel Full-Time" is our 2018 no bullsh!t guide to traveling the world as a digital nomad and will change your life, trust us. No BS, just pure information gold with 220 pages, a lifetime of knowledge and 9+ months of production concealed inside this one guide you can have right now. ★ Get Your Copy Now — ----- SUPPORT: Enjoying our content? There's actually ways to support us creating more videos that don't require you to spend money, take a look at the various options here, thanks! — ----- OUR GEAR: ➜ Our main camera — ➜ ALL our travel gear & equipment is here — ----- DEALS FOR YOU: ► Get $40 USD FREE, Airbnb Sign Up — ► 2 Months FREE Skillshare account — ► Book & Merch Discounts — ----- SHOP OUR STUFF: ❤ Get Some Dope Merch — ❤ Our Full-Time Travel Book/Guide — ❤ View All Options To Support Us here — ❤ One Off PayPal Donations — info malpka ----- TRAVEL RESOURCES: ➜ The Best Drones — ➜ Best Hotel Cost Comparison — ➜ Cheapest Airline Comparison — ➜ Recommended Travel Insurance — ----- FOLLOW US: ★ Instagram — ★ Facebook — ★ Twitter — ★ Our Website — ----- ABOUT US: We're Dane & Stacey, full-time travelers, publishers and YouTubers from New Zealand. We share vlogs on countries as we visit for a few days like most travel vloggers, but we're a little different as well. Slow Travel is what defines us — renting an apartment to spend longer exploring a city, sharing local life and going deeper into cultures and experiences. Ultimately our goal is to create informative, fun and cinematic videos, be sure to subscribe to follow along ----- MUSIC: DJ Grumble - Diamond Edge


Daneger and Stacey
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